December 4, 2019 Saint Andrews Brewing Company

Saint Andrews is a small coastal tourist destination located in New Brunswick, Canada. There was one thing that this destination spot was missing

December 2, 2019 Hillenbrand Farmhaus

Hillenbrand Farmhaus has started producing some award winning beers out of their beautiful farm location near Sacramento, CA. In order to represent the quality of beer being produced, we decided to utilize a thick and textured wine stock material for the base of the 750ml and 500ml bottles. To take it a step further, we embellished the silver medal Farmhaus

December 2, 2019 The Tarmac – Blaker Brewing

With the success Blaker Brewing has seen since opening their Central Valley, CA brewery and taproom, the next move was to open a satellite taproom. Blaker was able to find a location that is located within the old Castle Airforce Base, in Atwater, CA. Wanting to keep some history alive, they decided to name the new taproom "The Tarmac." Since

December 2, 2019 Cleophus Quealy

Specializing in barrel aged and sour style beers, Cleophus Quealy puts a lot of focus on quality and detail to each of their small batch 750ml bottle releases. After a few years of using a label design where only the name changed from label-to-label, Cleophus was ready to create a branding program where each monthly release would have uniquely designed

May 2, 2019 Sprout & Tap

Sprout & Tap is a concept in planning. There have been plenty of food and beer pairing events out there, but very few (none that I have experienced) are geared for the vegan lifestyle. Sprout & Tap is the beginning ideas for a series of events that would work with brewers and vegan chefs to create experiences around food and

May 2, 2019 Kith & Kin Fermentation

In the scenic Tenmile Valley, Oregon wine country, Kith & Kin is creating their dream brewery rooted in the Pacific Northwest. On their farm property, Kith & Kin is starting their new brewery out of a shipping container on the property. The core of the logo icon mark is the Claddagh ring, which represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Kith &

May 1, 2019 Boonville Beer Festival

For their 20th anniversary, the legendary Boonville Beer Festival was ready for a new look. A new identity was designed and implemented for tickets, glasses, promotional posters and web graphics. Bahl Hornin'

May 1, 2019 Immersion Brewing

What's more exciting than going all in on packaging cans, and releasing four brands at once? I was incredibly stoked to be able to help Immersion Brewing make the jump into canning and to help them develop a can branding system. For the branding, we really wanted to make sure that the Immersion branding was prominent and clear, but left

May 1, 2019 Breworx Beer Company

Breworx is a Southern California brewery in planning. After some fun times hanging out at the CCBA Craft Summit, we were ready to get working on a new brand identity and start establishing a brand. The desired aesthetic for the brand was to be bold, readable, and clean. The idea and name for Breworx creates the picture of science and

May 1, 2019 American Canning

American Canning is an aluminum packaging supply/service company dedicated to helping beverage manufacturers share their craft in cans. Their high-quality products are backed by first-hand mobile-canning experience and delivered with exceptional care and customer service. Through continued growth in the industry, American Canning was ready to evolve their brand to represent some core attributes. Among those attributes are quality driven,