The Tarmac – Blaker Brewing

With the success Blaker Brewing has seen since opening their Central Valley, CA brewery and taproom, the next move was to open a satellite taproom. Blaker was able to find a location that is located within the old Castle Airforce Base, in Atwater, CA. Wanting to keep some history alive, they decided to name the new taproom “The Tarmac.” Since this was the first satellite taproom and there could potentially be more, we knew creating a branding strategy and system would be important.\

The result:

We decided to have the taproom become the brand and highlight of the new identity, but keep Blaker Brewing prominent and tied in well to maintain the core brewery brand. The new identity fits well with the Blaker Brewing brand aesthetic and we created a supporting Blaker brand mark that can be locked in to this logo and any other new taproom logo we create. The result is a system where we can create on-brand taproom identities that support the Blaker brewery brand well.


December 2, 2019


Branding, Logo and Identity