Cleophus Quealy

Specializing in barrel aged and sour style beers, Cleophus Quealy puts a lot of focus on quality and detail to each of their small batch 750ml bottle releases. After a few years of using a label design where only the name changed from label-to-label, Cleophus was ready to create a branding program where each monthly release would have uniquely designed labels.

The problem:

While Cleophus had a quality and high-end looking label, they were having issues with people not noticing all of the beer offerings available on the shelf. Customers thought they only had one beer for sale, when they really had multiple available. They weren’t noticing that the labels were different with only the name changing on each label. Also, from a marketing perspective it was very difficult  photographing and promoting bottles and labels, because each label looked so similar.

The solution:

We created a system where we kept the Cleophus branding as the core aesthetic, but created a front panel to feature unique artwork and style for each beer release. They custom artwork sits inside of a large custom diecut shape, which draws a lot of visual interest to the bottles. Promoting these bottles through photography and Instagram has been amazing.

What are people saying:

“That fermento is delicious. That label speaks volumes”

“Man I love that label!”


December 2, 2019


Branding, Packaging