Brewery Email Marketing

Social media is noisy and posts are fleeting in long timelines, especially in the world of beer. Good brewery email marketing can harness a direct line of communicating with your most valuable customers. Start planning and building your email list to provide attractive email content for your customers and brand ambassadors.

Brewery Email Campaigns

Brewery Email Marketing Design

Your email campaigns should deliver great information, but that content should read well and be recognizable as your brand. Email marketing platforms and email builders can sometimes be wonky and challenging to work with. Craft Brew Creative has designed email templates and campaigns that not only look good, but also deliver your content in a well thought out hierarchy to make your content super easy to digest. We can work with you to help figure out the best format and arrangement of your content before plugging it into an email campaign design!

List management

Not all messages are meant for your entire customer base! Do you have a special segment in your audience like brew club members, or customers specific to a given brewery location? We can segment your email list into groups and make sure you deliver valuable and relevant messages to the right people.

Strategy and metrics

One of the great things about using popular email marketing platforms is the ability to test out and measure the success of your email campaigns. We can run custom email tests to small segments of your group to see what email works best before sending out an entire campaign.

Through analyzing the metrics of your campaigns like subject wording, email opens, and what and where people are clicking on items in your campaigns, we can start to narrow down on what works best. Through measuring what kind of information people are clicking on, you can start to tailor your content to what people are interacting with most.

Working with Craft Brew Creative

A valuable partnership for your brewery brand

Craft Brew Creative is ready to be on your team in all your brewery adventures. From branding, websites, tap handles, POS, labels and packaging, and marketing collateral we can make sure your brewery brand is at its best.