December 2, 2019 Hillenbrand Farmhaus

Hillenbrand Farmhaus has started producing some award winning beers out of their beautiful farm location near Sacramento, CA. In order to represent the quality of beer being produced, we decided to utilize a thick and textured wine stock material for the base of the 750ml and 500ml bottles. To take it a step further, we embellished the silver medal Farmhaus

December 2, 2019 Cleophus Quealy

Specializing in barrel aged and sour style beers, Cleophus Quealy puts a lot of focus on quality and detail to each of their small batch 750ml bottle releases. After a few years of using a label design where only the name changed from label-to-label, Cleophus was ready to create a branding program where each monthly release would have uniquely designed

May 1, 2019 Immersion Brewing

What's more exciting than going all in on packaging cans, and releasing four brands at once? I was incredibly stoked to be able to help Immersion Brewing make the jump into canning and to help them develop a can branding system. For the branding, we really wanted to make sure that the Immersion branding was prominent and clear, but left

April 30, 2019 Blaker Brewing Co

Through a branding exploration process, we ended up creating a solid brand identity along with finding a vision for future branding efforts. With a deep family farm history, along with some of the newest technology in farming and sustainability, one of the main concepts for the beer branding was “A look into the past with a vision towards the future” The

April 30, 2019 1623 Brewing Co

1623 Brewing Company already had a logo design created, but was in need of developing a brand and visual identity that would extend into packaging, merchandise, sales collateral, tap handles, coasters, and more. Through the branding process, we decided to elevate the concept of travel which directly relates to the concept of 1623. The two owners live in Colorado and