Blaker Brewing Farm Background

Blaker Brewing Company

Through a branding exploration process, we ended up creating a solid brand identity along with finding a vision for future branding efforts. With a deep family farm history, along with some of the newest technology in farming and sustainability, one of the main concepts for the beer branding was “A look into the past with a vision towards the future”



Blaker Brewing Exterior Sign Design
Blaker Brewing Taps with B Logo
Cultivate Your Craft

A plowed field element is used throughout the branding to reinforce the Central Valley, California farm-based brewery.

Blaker Logo Full Lockup
Blaker Logo Lockup - Simple
Blaker Logo Icon
Blaker Brewing B Icon

The Blaker “B” mark represents the sustainability in their farming and brewing practices. The outer ring contains plow blades that create a full circle of sustainability, coming from and returning to the earth.

Blaker Brewing Can Labels
Blaker Brewing Vanilla Bean Milk Stout Can

A look into the past with a vision towards the future

As part of the core branding, Blaker Brewing was born from a family run farm that started in 1938 in the Central Valley of California. Blaker wanted to embrace it’s roots while pushing towards modern technology and sustainability in farming and brewing practices. The label branding represents this idea by creating a window into the past. While the forefront of the can design present the modern elements of Blaker Brewing, each label contains a glimpse beyond that, a look into the past.

Blaker Brewing Logo Process
Blaker Brewing Cans
Blaker Brewing Logo Glasses
Blaker Brewing Tap Handles